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Client’s online sales increase 40% with the launch of their new website

ID-100103370-150x150Great news from one of our clients situated outside of the UK; sales through their website have increased by 40% since we launched their new website in June 2104, approaching ten thousand orders a month.

The business model and service is similar to UK companies Hungry House and Just Eat but our client has been operating for around 15 years.

With the new website they have positioned themselves to grow rapidly within this arena whilst also evolving the business and the website to enable delivery of grocery shopping orders at the same time as takeaways (magic!).

As the web is moving so fast, especially with the high number of users now accessing content on mobile devices, the website is a continual work in progress. The mobile version of the website took a back seat whilst efforts were focused on launching the main website in 2013. Plans have since been set in motion to develop the mobile platform with a launch planned in Q2 of  of 2015.

A client since 2005, the owner is great to work with and is very proactive with new ideas and concepts for the website and user experience. A strong relationship with regular ongoing discussion allow the business and creative ideas to flow.

Currently the growth potential, for this client, is endless.


Pizza photo courtesy of / Ambro